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A large part of our collection is based on sustainability. Summer clothing, bags, and swimwear that will make you feel unique and stylish

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Salty Bag

Salty Bag

H συλλογή της Salty Bag, επαναξιοποιεί παροπλισμένα πανιά ιστιοπλοϊκών σκαφών, ιστιοσανίδων, αλεξίπτωτων,... 

How a Salty Bag Is Made

  • Salty Bag

    Salty Bag reuses decommissioned sails, kites and parachutes, giving them new life and value. Even after reaching its end of life at sea, a sail will retain its, long-lasting, weather resistant nature making it perfect for being upcycled in to a bag

  • Olivia + Hank

    Made especially with elegance and grace to make you stand out at the beach olivia + hank swimsuits are both comfortable and fashionable. We design to turn your summer days and nights a look for everyone to remember

  • Kaftans

    Don't feel ordinary, feel special walking down your summer road with an amazing kaftan that will add to your image. Complete your look at the beach over your swimsuit, and make every step you make, a step towards style